In the 2009, MIX Global 100 Composite rating, AMK was the top ranked MFI in Cambodia and #16 in the world based on outreach, efficiency and transparency. AMK was rated #1 in Cambodia for the third year in a row and is one of only two organizations who finished within the top 20 worldwide for the last three years.

The other four MFIs and Bank in Cambodia are AMRET was in 2nd place in Cambodia and 48th in the world, VFC was in 3rd place in Cambodia and 51th in the world, TPC was in 4th place in Cambodia and 54th in the world, and finally ACLEDA was in 5th and 95th in the world.

For the third year running, MIX presented its Composite Ranking of the performance of 955 MFIs from over 100 different countries. Based on data published on MIX Market, the MIX Global 100 Composite Ranking attempts to provide a composite picture of all the MFIs based on specific attributes related to measuring outreach, efficiency, and transparency.

AMK is a financially sound institution with the mission of “helping large numbers of poor people to improve their livelihood options through the delivery of appropriate and viable microfinance services”. It is expanding outreach to clients at the lowest possible cost, and doing it in the public arena so that others may learn from the experience.

AMK currently provides financial services covering the whole country, serving more than two hundred and twenty two thousand (220,000) clients with a loan portfolio of almost twenty five millions US dollars ($25,000,000).

AMK received a license from the National Bank of Cambodia to take deposits from the general public and now is offering some of the best rates in the country.

For further information, please visit: 2009 MIX Global 100 Composite